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Information for Booking

Payment Methods

If you chose to pay by card, please note that there is an additional fee of 3% charged if you pay by credit card. No extra charge for debit card. We cannot regrettably accept cheques. Payment is to be made to the carpet cleaner on completion of the work. If you are not however able to be at the property on the day of the cleaning then we will require a small deposit paid by card prior to the appointment.


First appointments are guaranteed times (usually at 8am or 9am) but please note that all other appointments are estimated times only as it does depend on the length of the job before. The carpet cleaner will call you when he is on his way. If you require a certain amount of time to get to the property to meet the carpet cleaner please make this aware to the bookings office.

Parking and Height Restrictions

Please make the bookings office aware of any problems you may foresee our vans may have for parking at your property. (I.e. Parking restrictions or archways etc.)

Our vans have truck mounted machinery which is bolted into the vans so the vehicles do need to park as close to the property as possible. If this is not possible you must advise the bookings office and we can arrange to use the portable machinery instead.− For portable machinery to be used you must be able to supply electric and water.

Dimensions of the vans we use are as follows:
•    Renault Master: 2.8m high x 2.4m wide x 6m long
•    Ford Transit: 2.4m high x 2.4m wide x 5.3m long
•   VW Transporter: 2.2m high x 2.3m wide x 4.9m long


If you are booking carpet and or upholstery cleaning in an apartment block please advise the bookings office what floor you are on. If you are on or above the 3nd floor there must be a lift in the property in order for us to carry out your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or booking amendments must be made via the bookings office at least 48 hours before the original booking. Otherwise a FULL CHARGE will be made. Any deposits paid are non-refundable.

Water & Electrical Supplies

We may sometimes need to top up the water so please make the carpet cleaners aware of where they can do this. An outside tap is usually beneficial. We require electric only for portable machinery.

Moving Furniture

We do ask that you remove as many items of furniture and personal belongings from the rooms that are to be cleaned. Furniture such as sofas can be left in the room and we can move them around accordingly to clean under them. We cannot move any heavy items that one person cannot lift on their own. We also do not move any furniture containing electrical items such as televisions. You are advised NOT to move any furniture until the carpets are dried as doing so can cause staining to the carpet or damage to the furniture.

Drying Times

Drying times for carpets are normally between 2-3 hours and upholstery 3-4 hours. The carpets and upholstery will be damp to touch for this time but if you can keep the rooms warm and ventilated this will reduce the drying time.


Current Offers

Offer 2
Clean all carpets in your 3 bed property and receive stainguarding in 2 rooms for FREE.

Offer 3
Clean all carpets in your 4 bed house and receive stainguarding to 3 rooms for FREE

Offer 4
Clean all carpets in your 5 bed house and receive stainguarding to 4 rooms for FREE

Offer 5
Clean a King Size Mattress or Larger and get a FREE carpet clean to that bedroom

Offer 6
Clean 6 or more Dining Room Chairs and get a FREE carpet clean to the Dining Room

We Can Assist You

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Premises
  • End/Pre Tenancy
  • Spring Clean
  • Fire & Flood Damage
  • Stain Treatment/Removal
  • Stain Protection